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The Big Internet Lie


A podcast grounded in feminism.

Bringing an interpretation of our rapidly changing world in the context of diminishing rights and freedoms. This podcast is targeted at a female audience, however much of it applies to men as well.

About Ruth Hill

Ruth is a lesbian gender critical feminist.

She grew up through the height of Apartheid South Africa and  lived through the eventual breakdown of the regime in South Africa. She also served as a permanent soldier in a foreign military she recognises the tell tale signs of government corruption and social breakdown

Ruth believes that scoietal changes are happening so quickly that everyday people cannot see the enormity of the changes that are happening by stealth.

While she does not consider herself to be an apocalyptic style prepper, she stands by a motto – “Better be prepared and nothing happens, than be unprepared and disaster strikes.”

An avalanche of legislative, economic and social change further distracted by the guiles of technology means that the vast majority of the population cannot see how the moral and social enslavement of mankind is taking place globally.

Watch and listen as she analyses everyday news and happenings and considers the long term outcomes.

Ruth Hill

Ruth Hill


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New Guests Weekly


New Episodes Weekly

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Recent Episodes

The Big Internet Lie 101

Listen as Ruth , breaks apart the myths and the truth about online billionaires, the liars, the fakes, the snake oil salesman and the scams. She also offers some guidance on achieving self sustainability without losing heart. 

Season 2, Episode 4    |    38min

Digital tools for the wandering the planet

Ive been involved in tech related business and work since 2005. It therefore makes sense that during 2023, the year I will be wandering the UK, sharing resources and reaching out to women across the country, that I be prepared.

I am grateful that I live in a place where mobile signal is sketchy and interconnection appears to be luck of the draw. This has helped enormously in establishing which tech works best and which providers are best switched on for those in far flung places.

Tech however needs not only to keep the food on the table, it also needs to keep us safe. More about this to follow …..

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The Big internet Lie

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