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Defining what wealth means to women. 

Speak to the women around you and ask what wealth means to them. You may be surprised to discover that they are unlikely to talk about, private jets and personal oceangoing yachts. Penthouses in a trendy neighbourhood or an exceptionally expensive car are amongst the last things to cross their minds.

Almost every discussion I have had with women over the decades has been about food and economic security, personal safety and the wellebing of their children or elderly parents. When we talk about what wealth brings with it, those who feel excluded seek only security.

As we develop an understanding of how we perceive wealth and what it means in terms of the lowest common denominator, will we then be able to address poverty? And why do we have poverty in first world countries?

From the 1st of December 2021, I am going to ask my followers to do one thing every day. To work with me to create a better understanding of personal wealth, better economic wellbeing and how even those of us at the bottom of the economic ladder can create a sustainably comfortable lifestyle.

December will be the preparation month, so that across 2022, we can develop both small and large projects, that can leave women better off. Part of this will bring with it the concept of income and food security, warm homes, residential security, and health and wellbeing.

Being a woman in 2022 is unlikely to be any easier than 2021, and while women struggle to eat, keep warm amd keep safe, the fight for political equality and social equity becomes compromised.

Female spending power

Creating our own economy

I remember while growing up in Apartheid South Africa, the country was constantly experiencing sanctions. The one thing I truly admire about my Afrikaner ancestors was their “‘n boer maak ‘n plan” (a farmer makes a plan) approach.

While women who dare to speak out over their disenfranchisement and their same sex rights, our simple greatest strengh is in self empowerment and sharing in and using our own economy. We make a plan. To help achieve this I have created four online resources


Femayl Store


Femayl Work

Providing Access to the digital economy

The single greatest way to oppress women and suppress female activism is to cripple us economically.

In the most recent months and years, we can see what male pattern violence and male pattern violent activism has done to us.

By driving us out of our jobs and therefore economic security we find our ourselves unable to fund a robust defence when our words in defence of our being become criminalised. You only have to take a look at Kate Scottow, Alison Bailey, Jo Phoenix, Marion Millar and Maya Forstater.

Femayl online a single sex online platform (identity verified), will be launched shortly to create a safe space for women to engage socially. Terms and consitions are clear that it is a single sex space uder the EA2010 and the curent violence perpetrated against women online more than justifies the need to create this space.

Femayl is the mothership to all the other projects which will provide crowdfunding, employment opportunities and a shopping portal for women that have been excluded elsewhere.


Providing access to the digital economy for women
Fund Her

Not Just Legal Crowd funders, Economic Uplift too.

Ive been trapped in a cat and mouse game with Trans Activists and payment gateways.

In fact, I have had to intentionally keep quiet about how I go about building fundraisers. It has become such a quagmire that, instead of building individual sites, I have decided that it is now imperative that we have a funding portal of our own.

Of course Fund Her will raise finds to empower women to take up or defend legal cases,however Fund Her will fund much, much more. New startups, Businesses run by women and Social Enterprise that supports and empowers women. Anywhere. Charities that support single sex causes. A funding portal where Women and not men decide whether the cause can be published.

Fund Her is a space where women can choose to use their own money to fund other women.

Fund Her, together with Her Store, offers an opportunity for women to create their own economic spaces.

Femayl Store is a space where women can sell their goods, mostly home made or artistic items with no fear of being deplatformed. Female artists, crafters and businesswomen have been systematically deplatformed as a result of misogynist activism.

The only real way to deal with this is to vote with out feet. Choose not to use Etsy or Shopify, Use Femayl Store, run for women, by women. Choose not to buy from Etsy or Shopify stores, choose to buy from Femayl Store.

Her Work

Access to work for women, by women.

Cancel culture has meant that educated professional women are becoming jobless.

Usually the main tactic to bring down any social structure is to patiently tap away at the foundations, activists that seek to undermine women have realised that the communal funding base is actually at the top.

Women that earn well, are being targeted because if the become economically compromised, the women at the bottom will not have an economic support structure to appeal to.

Femayl Work will provide a platform where women that are starting up business can find themselves a sympatheitc accountant, solicitor, business mentor or doctor.

Femayl Work is a space where women can choose to use their own money to employ other women.

The platform is not only for professionals, it also provides a space where women can offer services to other women. An improvement on the fiverr or peopleperhour economy.

Femayl work means that any woman can advertise and  provide her skills to other women, for a fee. The women that use their services are anonymous.

Access to all of these platforms is by identity verification – You can still remain anonymous on the front end however we use robust government approved systems to verify identity. The only people who have anything to fear are those whose birth certificates say they are not women and attempt to defraud our verification process.

Even then female activists seeking to harm our platforms will have been positively identified and if they break any of the terms or conditions they will simply be banned or enjoy a civil prosecution. That is if they get past the vetting process.


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