The Purple Heart Project

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Written by Tantrumfly

December 14, 2022

For so long visibility was NOT the point. Everything I have campaigned for has been about integration and differences being unremarkable. I wanted being gay to be as much an issue as having blue or brown eyes.

How naive of me.  This “integration” has resulted in me being progressively erased as a woman, and consequentially as a lesbian. 

The law has gone mad in Scotland, and the results are serious – The time has come to expose the problem – With Love and so the purple hearts project begins,

Why Purple Hearts? Because purple hearts reflect courage, commitment, love for others and solidarity.

Today I have placed a Puple heart in the windows of my home, in the window of my van, my car and my workplace, and I have made one to go on my sleeve.

Right now, the purple hearts are for the Women of Scotland. Who have lost the autonomy over their bodies. A supreme court ruling has decided that a male bodied person who “identifies as a woman” cannot be excluded from female spaces. An old lady in a care home cannot object to a man that says he is a woman from intimate care such as bathing. 

No woman can ask for a female bodied person only during intimate gynaecological examinations. Girls in high school, cannot refuse male students from entering their changing rooms, if they say they are trans (Like a male teenager is not going to lose that opportunity!)

The law in Scotland is an Ass, and as someone that fought for the rights of the gay and lesbian community in Scotland, I am sickened that my campaigning has been hijacked, twisted and manipulated into something it was never meant to lead to.


My first Purple Hearts Video will be uploaded here, later today. 

I am asking every woman that says her sex belongs to her and her alone, not to interlopers, impersonators or MEN, to use the purple heart. Place it on your window, on your desk at work, on your car, on your sleeve.

Having a purple heart requires courage and there will be fear by many that you will lose your jobs, be discriminated against, but stop for one moment to think about this:

They cant fire, every nurse, every postwoman, every midwife, every shop assistant, every cashier. If we ALL do it, they cant fire us all, and if they fire one but not another they have a huge discrimination problem.

I call on you to display a purple heart, because if we dont do it for the women in Scotland regardless of where you are in the UK or in the world for that matter, then we will lose our status as women too.

Use the hashtag #purplehearts. Use it on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok. Show the world, that women matter, and they matter to other women.

The day has dawned. We cant just leave it to JK Rowling, Maya Forstater, Bev Jackson and Kate Harris from the LGB Alliance, Kate Scottow, Lisa Keogh, Caroline Farrow.

We have to do our share. We can Protest – in support – silently, but wear your hearts on your sleeves, let people ask, print off several and share them.

It will take courage, but the more purple hearts are seen, the more that will have courage to show them.These hearts are not just for us, they are for our children and grandchildren.

Every woman will have a different reason for wearing the heart, but it will always go full circle . Its about safeguarding, women and children, its about protecting our hard won rights, its about dignity and privacy. In a single court ruling, the High court of Scotland has stripped woman of access to all of these.

Place your purple heart on Social Media, in your profile, on your profile pic, in your images, share the hell out of your purple heart.

Ruth Hill, also known as Ruth Richards-Hill has been a campaigner for equal rights, since her birth and childhood in Apartheid South Africa to her life in Israel and then settling in the UK, she has written about, protested and campaigned for all that she sees wrong in the world.

Ruth has been involved in sit ins , marches, protests, mass letter writing and funded social campaigning.

Typically Ruth has been left on the political spectrum, and in many was is a socialist at heart.

Appalled by the way the left have becom oppressive, dictating the rights of minority groups over those in majority, she expresses a fear that Apartheid is raising its ugly head in Europe, Canada and the US.

This time itas not a race based apartheid, Its sex based. And this Apartheid is becoming as oppressive as the Apartheid that stripped people of colour of their rights only a generation ago.

Women are living legislated Apartheid today, in Scotland. As a woman that lived through Apartheid in her formative years – Ruth probably knows what shes talking about.

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