10 super cheap things to start Prepping for Winter 2022

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Written by Tantrumfly

October 13, 2022

Im not going to suggest that you start digging a bunker in your backyard.

When we talk about Prepping it is important that we talk about, what we are prepping for. This post is going to cover the possibility that we lose power provision this winter. I am quite clear about my position on this, I’d rather be ready and nothing happens, than be unprepared and we have to deal with a heating and energy crisis in the freezing cold.

Ive intentionally left food prepping out of this list so you can read about the Top 10 Easy Food Prepping Ideas here.

It is better to be prepared for a disaster that never happens, than be completely unprepared when disaster strikes.

While we are undisputably facing the possibility of a European war, The prepping for blackouts and home heating during an energy crisis would be the first steps to preparing in the event we go to war anyway. And its more important to prepare for what is the most likely to happen.

So what are the ten things we need to have to have some level of preparedness.

1. Water

2. Candles

3. Camping Stove with cas canisters

4. Batteries

5. Lighters and/or matches

6. Hygiene pack

7. Medications paracetamol/Ibuprofen/aspirin

8. Solar Power Bank

9. Dust Sheets and Drop Cloths

10. Ziplock bags/clingfilm/foil


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This list makes up the beginnings of a preppers kit. Some of these items you will already have in your home, so simply buy two next time you shop and put one aside. Rotating prepper items means that you can use what youve stored for prepping without expeirncing spoilage, but still remain prepared.

This is an essentials list for small and cheap items. I have a Top 10 Food Essentials for a Winter Crisis list and Well as a Further top 10 Essentials for Bugging in when the Winter goes wrong.

Batteries, rechargeable and disposable


Water should be the forst thing on your list. Even if you are using and rebottling water in your home from the tap. We cannot live beyond three days without water.

We take for granted that water just comes out of the tap, but remember that when the power stations close down, so do the water companies pumps at source. In a situation where we could face weeks of  water shortages, it is best to simply keep a supply.


With your water supply covered, the next is heat and light. Candles provide an immediate source of light and with a little knowhow, can be turned into an excellent heat source at the same time. While Terracotta heaters are dangerous unsupervised, with care they can help to heat a small room and keep the chillblains away. Buy candles in a four pack for £1 a pack of four at Poundland or B&M. Buy tealights in large packs You can also buy 100 tealights at IKEA for under a fiver.


Battieries are invaluable, especially when it comes to torches and small battery operated items. The more prepped you are , the more batteries you are going to need. Where powere cuts are expected to be intermittent, I would recommend also considering rechargeable batteries.

Camping Stove

The big  energy crisis involves gas. So before all the lights go out, the gas is going to be redirected to power stations. However whether you depend on electric or gas for cooking the likelihood of having neither increases as the conflict in the Ukraine continues and the European energy crisis deepens.

I simple one burner camping stove can be bought either online or in your local utility store. They can be bought for between £15 and £20 depending on where you look. Links in my shopping section. These stoves use gas that comes in aerosol type cans. The bonus is that you can adapt them to use pther types of gas source as well.

Matches and or Lighters

Your candles and your stove are useless without the means to light them. Buy a box of matches everytime you pass a pundland store and if you can afford it, a pack of lighters too. Becasue you can never be sure how disaster is going to strike, wrape some of the matchboxes up in clingfilm to keep them dry.

Hygiene Pack

If you dont want to become unneccessarily ill while sitting out a crisis situation then it is important to stay as clean as possible. Your hygiene pack should include hand sanitiser, wet wipes and if you can, some wet toilet tissue, a tube of toothpaste and a few extra toothbrushes. ALl of these items can double as useful for other tasks when scarcity of resources becomes an issue.


It is crucial to stock up on basic medications such as paracetamol, ibuprofen and aspirin. WHile all three function well for pain management, they also help in different situation. Aspirin in particular is helpful when a cardiac emergency takes place and getting to a doctor is going to be difficult. These medications can be bought for under a pound. I bought a pack of paracetamol for 26p the other day. Becasue of the laws surrounding the purchase of these items you will have to build a small stockpile over several shopping trips.

Ziplock bags, Clingfilm and Aluminium Foil

These three items provide a number of uses. Do not forget that we live in a damp country. Zip lock bags are useful for storing dry foods such as tea, coffee and sugar and well as medications and matches. Clingfilm is similar to the bags but can be used to seal windows. Its useful when collecting water if your water supplies run out and it can be used to light a fire – Yes with a bit of water you can turn it into a magnifying glass. Aluminium foil keeps food warm is heat resistant and also can be used to start a fire. Its also useful as an emergency container, as a farady cage for your electronics and much more that I will illustrate in another blog post.

Dust sheets and drop cloths

Dust sheets and drop cloths will help to reduce the size of a room so that it is easier to heat up. They are also good for double sealing windows to keep the cold out or the heat in. ANd while its unpleasant to think about, if someone in your household dies, its excellent for wrapping up a body together with clingfilm to prevent spread of disease from decomposition.

Solar Power Bank

I struggled with deciding whether this one should be a solar charger or a wind up radio. I decided the wind up radio goes on the next 10 items list because radio is transmitted using towers in the same way that phone signal is. At least with a Phone there is a lot more that is accessible. You can get FM radio on your phone. Charged Phones also make for a secondary torch and when signal is working, its possible to communicate with the outside world.


Where to buy this stuff.

Everything on this list came from either Poundland or B&M including the camp stove that I picked up for a bargain £9.99

The medications all came in at under £1, as did the hand sanitiser, the wet wipes and the toilet wipes. You can buy clingfilm, Ziplock bags and foil from the pound shop, but I recommend going the extra mile and buying a longer roll from Aldi. Lidl or The Range for negligbly more

I have bought Candles at both B&M and the Poundshop for a £1.

Batteries I buy at Aldi, B&M and the Poundshop

Matches and Lighters, I always use the Poundshop

Water I buy in crates of 24 500ml bottles from either Tesco when theyre having a Special or in my case becasue I have a business from Booker. The bottles amount to about 25p a bottle.

The solar power bank came from B&M, I spent £15 and I have charged it on the dashboard of my van all summer. It has worked a charm.


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