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Written by Ruthie Richards-Hill

October 3, 2022

I write this as the sense of being overwhelmed by the condition of the world as it is right now. I posted a tweet this morning about how dire things have really become.

Where I live – in the UK our politicians are flailing. Our economy has been thrown to the dogs, we are no longer part of the EU and cannot rely on other states to help us out, The government is treating those needing welfare as a social pariah, and nobody seems to be able to tell us what a woman is.


Women in Poverty

 The earth is burning, Democracy no longer exists, our economic wellbeing is being robbed and now we are having to struggle for the reality of who and what we are.

Add to this, the war in the Ukraine appears to becoming a newsworthy item only in the background while the reality of the danger that Putin presents to us is real and imminent. The cost of living crisis we have going on, combined with the rule of lawlessness globally is plunging us into a state of gaslighting that has never been equalled in human history.

Not a day goes by that my phone doesn’t ring without some scammer trying to convince me that I have compensation waiting from a car accident that I haven’t had in the last two years. Add to that the energy scams, the computer hacking scams and the banking/tax scams.

The wealthy are deliberately guiding the effort to save our planet away from green and renewable energy solutions to solutions that are the most toxic for our planet. And why? To enrich themselves.

The earth is burning, Democracy no longer exists, our economic wellbeing is being robbed and now we are having to struggle for the reality of who and what we are.

Don’t tell me that this is not planned. That humanity has bumbled along and created this accidentally. I don’t believe it for a minute. I have been very reluctant throughout my life to consider conspiracy theories. Conspiracy theories have I believe existed to distract us from the truth. Now I’m seeing that the truth has been twisted into conspiracy theories, so much so that it is becoming difficult to determine the difference.

The only way to inoculate ourselves from the Kool Aid that is being fed to the population , to keep us malleable and to cripple us from dealing with all these issues, is to stand back. Stand back and decide for ourselves how we are going to approach the problem/s.

Once we are able to stand back and recognise that we are facing multiple existential problems all at the same time, we are left with two options. Are we going to do something about it or not, and if so what are we going to do?

I believe that to survive, our only hope is to do something together.


The recent damage done to the German gas supply from Russia is telling. Conveniently just before Winter, there is a rough Winter ahead. be prepared and dont get caught short.

Rather be prepared and the worst doesnt happen, then be unprepared and it does.


Set aside the distractions. We become glued to the television and the news channels in a way that tech has already become an addiction. So how to set aside the distractions?

Identify your distractions. For all of us there are distractions that pull us in. It can be the following of links on Youtube or spending hours on news sites after simply following one headline.

If you find yourself straying from the original topic. Identify this.

Choose a method of stating in touch with the world. Allow yourself a fixed period of time to catch up with whats happening in the world. Watch the news in the morning either on TV or on you computer screen. Give yourself no more than an hour.

You may worry that you’ll miss the alert if suddenly we are going to war, or there is an urgent incident, such as gas or power being cut off. You should always have a radio independent of the national grid.


Routine is your tool. It doesnt have to be perfectly fixed, but  you do need to set time limits for activities.

You can also multitask. Watch and listen to the news while you prepare and eat breakfast. I listen to the news and the topics of the day while showering and getting dressed. I then browse social media while eating breakfast.

Be available on your phone. Know who is going to call if an emergency erupts.

Be Prepared.

Im not saying build up an arsenal of weapons much like the preppers we see on US TV documentaries, but if we were to have a sudden lockdown, without the few days warning that we had when Covid came and engulfed our world, would you be able to cope?

Nobody is saying that there is definitely going to be a war, a drought, an extreme economic crisis, however never before in our history have the warning signs been so stark. Rather prepared and the worst doesnt happen, then be unprepared and it does.


Women at War

The one hour rule

Every day, take an hour to prep for the worst and do it while doing housework. Assuming that most of my audience are women that multitasking thing shouldnt be too difficult.

When youre out shopping buy a few extra packs of bottled water. Doing laundry, pack away and emergency exit bag with extra undies, socks and T Shirts and a few warm layers.

Some extra cans of beans and a few packs of rice in the trolley and youre most of the way there. Simply DO one thing every day and each day y. Vivamus in nisl et nunc bibenduoure a little more prepared for the unexpected.

Read a little bit about what you will need to to be better prepared – for blackouts this winter, economic crisis and shop looting, and of course the possible if not probable outbreak of war.

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