2022 – A new Diet, Glassblowing, Camper Conversions and Women’s Rights

I know, the first post of 2022 and we are more than halfway through February.

It would appear that I needed to start the year with a really major crisis to accept that I am simply going to have to pull the plug on much of my life and carefully select what is working for me.



Closed due to Covid

Crisis and Illness

The Welsh government decided that it was a good idea to initiate a Wales only series of Covid restrictions. This meant that my business had to be close until the 28th January and until then I could not take any further bookings. On the the 31st January I caught a cold. – Or so I though. The days rolled into weeks and now it is approaching a month that I feel so bloody awful.

Thing is, if it’s not Covid, it doesn’t seem to matter. All ailments are measured against the symptoms and suffering of Covid. I tested for Covid several times, PCR and LFT, No its not Covid. Last time I felt this ill I was trapped in bed for nearly six weeks with Swine flu. In 2011.

SO financially Ive been hamstrung completely by circumstances. What I have had is time to think about the chaos that reigns across my life and how I can go about reigning it all in.


Dolor Amet

Three things – Work, wellbeing recreation and Women’s rights

Three things – Work, wellbeing recreation and Women’s rights

I have decided on three things. I am going to shelve 2 companies. And keep the third going and rescue it from itself. Together with this, I am going to continue glass blowing as this is not only my most pleasurable work, it also pays for itself reasonably quickly.

This will give me the room to support my family, get back on track to earning a living and finally give me the space to podcast all the amazing stuff going on in women’s rights and the modern suffragette movement.

I also decided that while everyone else was enjoying lockdown, learning new skills or discovering hobbies, I was supporting a very tired NHS worker and caring for my child from a distance. I lost out on lockdown discovery.

To pick up from this, I have decided to convert my small little LCV (A fiat Scudo van) into a small stealth camper.



Podcasting Women's rights, Vanlife and glass

I’ll be podcasting this year, across the different areas of my life – women’s rights, my sites Fund Her, and Femayl, , My van life, with the camper conversion, and of course my Glassblowing, These will be touched by my family life.



Food and Wellbeing

In the context of all of this I have a major wellbeing project. I will be removing most if not all refined carbs from my diet. Having investigated it, Im going to explore going all out vegetarian.

love green veg, fruits, smoothies, cheese, butter, eggs and cream, all the components that I love because in reality they can be mixed together to make an awesome meal. Omelettes, soups, burgers, all without the meat.

So follow me on the latest trip across my world and if I can share anything that helps , I will find that very satisfying.


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